Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Terrain for Dust

Dust Warfare needs lots of terrain I feel, whilst the Dust building kit is fantastic there is a need for other models. Gamescraft Miniatures in the US is a great source of very cheap MDF and Foamcard buildings which need finishing. http://store.gcmshop.com/c/100/mdf-and-foam-board-city-building-series?pagenumber=2

My first buy was two factory buildings which needed cladding and roofing. 

SSU walker shown next the building for size. 

The first thing I did was to base the building on a 3mm MDF board and then I cut and glued cheap corrugated cardboard from my local art shop onto the sides of the building. MDF pieces were cut for the roofs and clad with corrugated cardboard. Building was then sprayed and detailed with SSU propaganda posters copied from the Internet. Finished product below but the second one will look different. 


  1. Cheers mate. I enjoyed the GenCon Dust post on your Blog. Could I add a link from this blog to Indy 40K?