Monday, 26 August 2013

SSU Tractors

When this model was announced I decided straight away that I wanted 4. They looked great but seemed easy to kill but after a few games I feel they are good value for points and can cause lots of pain to the unwary Axis and Allied player.


  1. Hey Scott just looking through your blog and you have done some fantastic work since I last visited. I would love to have another game some day with all the new vehicles.

    Kep up the fantastic work



  2. Thanks mate. Would love to give you another game, lots of really nice stuff out since we last played. You got those ACW figures yet?

  3. Are those home-made Red transports? Those look like a Russian version of the Canadian Rams or German Kittens.

    Fantastic stuff!

  4. Hey Brian the Red transports are my take on how the SSU would use T 34 and KV chassis to carry infantry. I have a detailed post on background and more pictures. Thanks for stopping by.