Sunday, 28 August 2016

SSU versus Japanese 400 pt Warfare game

Some photos from a game Terry and I played a few months whilst testing some changes to the costing of Helicoptors in Dust Warfare. Gregory has done an excellent job in keeping the rulesystem going and it is such a great shame that Dust Studios did not continue supporting the game. Anyway enjoy the photos.

                  Table set to go 


                                Japanese airfield 




                 SSU choppers sweep in 







                                               Japanese army shot 

        N n

Friday, 5 August 2016

Zvergrad armoured battle

A great 400 pt Warfare game that Greig and I played a few months ago. We were testing the new paratroop dropping rules and trying out the King Tiger card. Greig's Para platoon were  basically all type 3 and brutal as hell.

            Table set up using my new Games and Gears tiles (only 2 years late).


                                       My 400 pt Armoured force 



                        Maus has a target


                     King Tiger with 128mm gun (suprisingly the same stats as a 88mm L71 in Warfare)

       Flaming Axis walkers, the start of of the rot which sees all the Axis armour in flames by games end

 Where are those paras coming from?


             Greig's British walker conversion using a 1/35 armoured car kit


     British paras start to take apart the Axis armour


                 You can see all the burning Axis armour



Thursday, 4 August 2016

Battlefield Game late 2015

Most people who read this blog (all 2 of you) know that I am a Dust Warfare games at heart. The mass of dice and the instant death of most units using the Gridles rules of Dust never really interested me but I will have a go if I have an opponent. Late last year I had a visit from a Rockhampton gamer, John Back who brought down his very nice SSU army for a game. John has never played Warfare so we had a fun Battlefield game on my Zverograd Train Statin table. I had had a few games against Terry and they were fun but just not my preferred Dust rules. 

I must say however that the new Dust grid and gridless rules put out this year by Dust Studios is a much poorer cousin and a poor sign of where the game is heading. DS seems to be making a load of new models and tacking the rules onto them afterwards, a pity really as they already had a couple of well produced and supported rulesets. Anyway if I ever play the gridless game again it will be with BFs Battlefield rules and cards. Anyway onto the game pictures.

              My army for the game and the Mouse used the stats of a Konigsluther


                                    Walkers advance through the train tracks


                     View of the battlefield from an ariel photo of the period. Axis forces on the right



                  Lots of heavy SSU armour awaiting the Axis attack


                        SSU troops frightened by the size of the Axis force



Prisma IPone art App.

Mate of mine put me onto this fun App. which turns your photos into instant cartoons. Might have to make a few more battle reports using the App.


                                    Terry's NDAK Tiger I about to demolish my Mercenary walker


Type 3 Axis infantry advance in the dawn light

Testing some Tank rules for Warfare and Greig's Allies destroyed my 3 King Tigers and a Maus


 Same picture but different filter


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Laser tanks and E100 WIP

Hey guys just so you know I am still here I present a few tank WIPs. Once again you see the laser fetish that has become my Dust Warfare norm. All kits 1/48 

   Bandai MkIV kit modified with sloped armour and laser. Tamiya Jadgtiger that has had its       superstructure turned into a turret with laser.


                   Simple Tamiya Jagdtiger conversion




                                           Gasoline E100 AA tank (twin 88s) repaint WIP


                        Jagdtiger and E100 comparison