Friday, 30 August 2013

Gamecraft Foamcard buildings Part 1

I bought 6 destroyed foamcard buildings from Gamecraft Miniatures when I had ordered two of their excellent factory buildings. They come flat packed and only require minimal assembly using PVA or white glue. The foamcard has been cut with a laser cutter and are crisp and accurate. They also do a fantastic bridge that is perfect for your Zverograd harbour table.

Many people would assemble and then spray these and be very happy with the result however I like a little more detail.    

Flat pack foamcard buildings after being glued together (usually 2 -4 pieces).

The first thing I did when the building were dry was to add a few floors to each building all roughly cut from MDF.

The addition of floors give your buildings extra places to put your troops and now you have coolsniper-positions for your forces. I like to add a few other details to give the buildings a better look. I do not add too many extras as these are pieces I game with and need to survive a trip in the car down to my local club. I used some thick cardboard strips to add outline to the building.

As you can see just a little extra work starts to really bring the building together. I am going to cover the outside of my buildings with a mix I use for modelling to add texture. The mix is made from tiling grout mixed with PVA or white glue. The grout has a rough texture as you can see below.

The grey area is the tiling grout mix going on. When the mix is dry it provides an excellent rough finish which takes a dry brush very well. I like using foamcard as I can scribe details upon the walls. below you see some bricks simply drawn on and when surrounded with the tiling mix they will provide detail and extra colour. 

I will finish this building over the weekend and I will show how I went about painting it.

Gamecraft Miniatures are available from this site address:

They are having a 20% off sale over the long weekend so get in and order some very cheap Dust terrain. 


  1. Scott, I believe the addition of the levels to the ruined sections was a master stroke, and your work on the outsides of them makes them POP! Keen to see these IRL.

  2. Thanks mate. I will try and get these done in the next few week and bring them to the club. Will have to give you a game of BA with your British against my German Paras?