Wednesday, 11 April 2018

SSU heavy Tesla gun

Had a spare Tesla gun from one of the bunker boxes and thought it would look good as a towed weapon for Dust. The wheels and lower half of the gun are from a metal 1/56 152mm Russian howitzer I had in my spares box. The two pieces went together very well and after painting it was placed on a large AT43 base and 5 crew were added.



Sherman Firefly and Cromwell Dustified

Did up a couple of plastic 1/48 Hobbyboss Sherman kits with the excellent Blackdog resin add ons. The Blackdog kits are very, very nice kits that add so much to your models and provide a realistic if somewhat hectic look, highly recommended.









Australians for Babylon; Western Australia or Jungle campaigns

I wanted to do at least a platoon of Australians up for my Babylon forces using the S1 Marine figures as a base. I removed the helmets and replaced them with Victoria Miniatures resin Slouch hats and then used the Bergen backpacks in the Warlord Plastics Commando box instead of the large Marine one present on the figure. Did up a Mercenary HMG as well to complete a large contingent to fight with any of the three other main factions (or by itself).




Dust Premiums

Early last year I was licky enough to get a fair haul of Dust Babylon Premium painted figures from a gaming contact in Perth. I finally got around to basing them so that they can be used with my existing collection.



Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Resin 1/48 Dukw models

Had these 1/48 DUKW models for a couple of years given to me by Terry, not great kits with lots of flash, pits and some very poor detail. I needed some amphibious vehicles for my Marines and thought these would fit the bill until Paolo Parente makes his LVTs. I added a 50cal MG, 4 crew, camo nets and seating. The windscreens were so badly cast that I decided to cover them with added armour. I might add some more stowage and fuel drums later on. I play Warfare so these will be Type 2 Amphibious vehicles with 4 wounds and capable of carrying 12 type 1-2 infantry.



1/43 Diecast LVTs

Received these 1/43 Diecast LVTs last year and painted them up for my Marines after adding Dust Studio turrets to all of them.






Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Australian Armoured platoons

Finally finished my Grants with phasers and M5 halftracks. They are 1/48 resin vehicles from Blitzkreig Miniatures Dustified using extra weapons from Dust Studios in Honk Kong.