Saturday, 25 August 2018


Some Blitzkreig Miniature resin 251s I did up a few months ago quickly for a game. I need to add decals and more weathering powders but they do the job. Figures are a mix of Dust and Warlord games parts.

Skorpion Troops

Have completed my Skorpion force for Babylon however the infantry are not yet ready but Paolo is saying Christmas 2018 (I hope).

SSU Raiders 

Finally finished my BTR40s to add to my Babylon SSU raiding force, I only need to finish a platoon of SSU paras.

Gorillas for Babylon

Finally got around to finishing a load of Gorillas for my NDAK army. I missed the resin special Gorrilla characters so used a metal Reaper model to creat my own version until they are released again in plastic (I hope).

Dust Warfare game

Gregg and I had a large 500 pt a side game of Warfare a couple of weeks ago. The game was larger than usual to play around with armoured and armoured infantry platoons and also to use Greig’s newly painted 2nd Centurion from Blitzkrieg Miniatures. Pictures of the forces and game with my Axis going down to Greig’s Allies because he actually played to the scenario.