Saturday, 10 May 2014

British Heavy armour clear a small village

British heavy walker and heavy SPG clear one of the many small villages in Mesopotamia circa March 1947. The heavy walker is the British variant of the Allied walker and is manufactured at Coventry. The Walker mounts a single 175mm gun, two 30 and 50 calibre machine guns and smoke grenade launchers. 
 The heavy SPG mounts twin 155mm guns, four 30 calibre and two 50 calibre machine guns and can carry 6 type 2 infantry or 3 type 3 infantry in the back. The SPG is also built in Coventry and both types are favoured by Commonwealth nations who are now part of the combined Allied forces resisting the Axis and SSU aggression across all fronts. 


        Allied troops deploy from the British SPG

Friday, 9 May 2014

Heavy British armour for Babylon

I have been working on a number of British style armour conversions for the upcoming Babylon expansion. The first of the these was the British heavy walker and heavy SPG. I converted these using a 1/35th AFV Club Centurion kit, thick card, plastic card and additional bits and pieces from my spare parts box. 

I include some work in progress shots as well as the completed models but I will post later some in theatre shots with some of the other completed kits.