Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Russian village table

Had lots of fun on this table. Buildings are a mix of resin, expanded urethane and scratch built kits. 


  1. Scott very impressive table.. I have always loved the way you have presented your table, loads of first class terrian and figures.



  2. Thanks mate, your tables are looking good these days as well. You still coming down for the BIG convention in September?

  3. Looked good, but lacked height, seemed like the big walkers had LOS to almost anything that wasn't hugging a wall. Not sure what you could have added for height, perhaps a windmill?

  4. The reality of a Russian village mate and one of the many benefits of the walkers in the Dust universe, extra visibility. You may have noticed that I base all of my terrain so that any model that comes onto the base gains the benefit of that terrain. The Russian houses and their base would have provided light cover as wood, wattle and plaster are not too good against machines guns. The benefit of the terrain base is that you never have that discussion in a game about whether the figure is in cover or not, just make sure you explain prior to play.