Saturday, 31 August 2013

Russian lighthouse and administration building

I like to build tables that reflect the story/ background of whatever game I am playing with that in mind I set to creating some specific Zverograd buildings. I have already created boards to represent the coast of the Caspian Sea and only needed to make a Russian Lighthouse to defend against the Allied assault as described in the Dust fluff. 

I first searched the Internet using Google for images of Lighthouses in Russia and used one that was built in the Baltic. 

So the design was decided upon I then messed around with the Dust buildings to create the rough outline. I then glued the plastic pieces together and cut a piece of 3mm MDF to base the building upon. I added extra sections using 3mm MDF but the hardest part was the octagonal tower. 

Unsightly joins were covered up with cardboard stripes (shown in white above).

Removable MDF roofs were covered in cheap corrugated cardboard (above).

I created a removable section for the building do that it could become a Admin building instead of a Lighthouse (above).

First base coat on the two variants (above and below).

Detailing of the two variants (below).

Admin building variant finished and used in a large 550 point battle. 

I will show the finished lighthouse and Caspian Sea boards when I play the Allied assault upon the lighthouse. 


  1. Nice work Scott that building is bloody fantastic....want to do a few buildings for me???

  2. Thanks mate. I might have to do some more buildings for Russia as had a lose look at your modern Russians and Chechans today and am vey tempted to get some.

  3. They are very nice 'Yes' can have a closer look once I am back down in Brisbane for the 'Muster'

  4. Where did you get that Lenin statue? I would love something like that for my STALKER projects...

  5. The statue is available from Dust Models in Hong Kong.
    $35 US unpainted

  6. Photo on table in action please Scott, it is a beauty!!
    Andrew P

  7. Will do more posts over the next two weeks as I started school holidays today. What you painting at the moment?