Monday, 25 November 2013

The trap is sprung

The Axis advance units were wary of the deserted streets and they were right to be so. Suddenly the roofs of the houses were full of SSU soldiers, volleys of rockets fly down into the week top armour of the tanks and the walkers. Heavy machine gun fire, grenades and molotovs rained down upon the infantry. Suddenly a chopper rose above the ramparts of the fort unleashing a hail of 50mm and machine gun fire upon the advancing Axis infantry. A chopper swoops in and dropped of a rocket eqquiped walker ready to attack the rear of the Axis force.

          A world of hurt is unleashed.


Tractors and light walkers come out of their hiding places and fire into the advancing armour.

            Rooftops are full of Red Guard.

Chopper drops off a walker in the rear of the advancing Axis armour.


         Axis walkers are in trouble


                   SSU gun tractors to the fore.

Koshka and Grandma lead the assualt







              Red Guard on the roof of the Mosque

        SSU AA support in case any Axis aircraft appear.

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