Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Heavy Axis armour for Zverograd

Axis high command sent forth all forms of reinforcements to Zverograd to help break through SSU and Allied lines including new model heavy tanks. Shown advancing down a destroyed street are two E 50s with L70 high velocity 88mm guns and a lone King Tiger with a modified 172 mm main gun. The Axis forces had learnt from previous battles in the city and always deployed a heavy infantry escort for the valuable tanks.

The two E 50s are meant to be 1/48 late model Panthers but they are very much out of scale. The models are very cheap kits from "Academy" but basic road wheels and oversized hulls ensure these could never be used as Panthers. I feel they have a Dust look to them and I am happy to call them E50s. The King Tiger is one of three very nice pre-painted models that I have converted by adding a shortened 172mm barrel.


  1. I'd take a tank over a walker any day! When I was upgrading my Germans I was going to go all Panther stuff and looked at those Academy Ausf Fs and your right they wouldn't work at all. Verlinden makes a great resin and metal Ausf F if your still looking to make those late war Panthers. Great conversions and paint as usual.


  2. Excellent stuff Scotty we will have to have another game next year when I am down that way again

  3. The Verlinden model is nice but a little expensive for my tastes. The Acedemy model fits the Dust world idea for me and is a fair representation of a E50.

  4. Dust is not a good place for accurately modelled 1/48 vehicles. I think those 'E50' tanks are brilliant for the game. Good bit of modelling there and well worth the effort.