Saturday, 2 November 2013

500 point Axis versus Allies game

Aaron and I had a great 500 game today using my newly finished buildings. It was the first game for a very long time as interest had waned in Dust but hopefully that will change as we have a new store stocking Dust. Aaron had 2 walkers and 19 units of infantry, so I was in for a little scrap. I had a Wotan, Horten and 13 units of infantry including Markus and 3 squads of Gorillas. The setup meant that we were only 12 inches away from each other and we had to kill a character or eliminate a command squad. The game lasted 3 turns and saw lots of carnage and havoc including the loss of my Horten in the first turn. I eventually lost Lara and her Flak Grenadiers and had very little left to stop the Allied advance. Fantastic fun and I am glad I finally got to roll some dice with my Axis. Enjoy the photos.









  1. Ha ha. Yes a seriously intense game over all. Thanks again Scott for another fantastic game. It is always a pleasure to be able to play against you. All your amazing terrain set up really brings the game to life with dilapidated and destroyed buildings, trees, rivers, bunkers, street lights, the list is endless and so very detailed. BBQ squad for the win, flamers and shotguns with added support of wildfire aaahhhhhhh.......
    It did indeed work in my favour to have enough Grim Reapers and .30 cal's in a confined area to turn your Jet into Swiss cheese. But your zombies and gorillas certainly made the party more fun for you, taking out the Hammers, a squad of Grim Reapers, Hotdog, a squad of recon boys and half the men from a BBQ squad, a squad of death dealers and cut another BBQ squads in half. Looking forward to the next game Scott with more walkers.

  2. Certainly was a very large game with lots of close quarter fighting. I do hate Grim Reapers as they always shoot my jets full of holes. I need to take some indirect fire options to hammer your infantry.