Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Laser tanks and E100 WIP

Hey guys just so you know I am still here I present a few tank WIPs. Once again you see the laser fetish that has become my Dust Warfare norm. All kits 1/48 

   Bandai MkIV kit modified with sloped armour and laser. Tamiya Jadgtiger that has had its       superstructure turned into a turret with laser.


                   Simple Tamiya Jagdtiger conversion




                                           Gasoline E100 AA tank (twin 88s) repaint WIP


                        Jagdtiger and E100 comparison


  1. These are all awesome! I *love* that sloped armor on the Mk. IV, what a great idea. :)

  2. Thanks Anna will get them finished ASAP and then get some better shots of them.

    1. Photos aren't easy - I hope to get some nice outdoor-lit photos of my Mercs as I finish them.

      I ordered a Hobby Boss 1/48 "Easy Eight" today, I'm planning on Dustifying it. :)

  3. the turret for the Jagdtiger was really neat and I second Anna's comment about sloped armor