Thursday, 7 July 2016

NDAK Laser vehicles

This blog has been very quite this last year and for that I apologise. I have not dropped my interest in the Dust Universe and indeed I have been very busy building terrain and painting Dust figures, vehicles and recording some Podcast episodes. I have just found it easier to record my journey modelling and gaming via FB but unfortunately social media platforms very quickly lose your record of photos and games and make it hard to find things. I have decided to once again keep updating this blog so prepare for some serious updates over the next few weeks.

Finally started working on my NDAK this year and decided to do some Dustified vehicles first. Collection of photos showing my interest in Laser armed vehicles. 

1st conversion was based upon an Italian WWII 90mm SPG truck but with my slant upon it and of course mounting a heavy laser. The basis of the truck was a diecast 1/43 modern Mack truck.




     The next series of conversion are based upon a cheap diecast model in 1/48 which I managed to pick up for $10 each. I did 3 of these conversions using the small laser from the Horten Axis jet. The resin stowage is from Black Dog and the crew are simple conversions using Dust models and a load of Warlord Games pieces.







Last couple of conversions were easy ones with simple weapon swaps and crew conversions. Both kits are OP 1/48 Bandai kits which are simple but effective models for the gaming table.

Work in progress Nashorn conversion and Maulitier 1/2 track with 50mm AA.


                  Two vehicls finished with added decals and some weathering.









  1. Nice work Scott they look fantastic

  2. Hey, it's great to see you back! :) I found the 'Dingos' Podcast yesterday too.

    I'm back into Dust myself, I'm working on Mercenaries and NDAK now. Your conversions look great, this Blog has been an inspiration. :) I'll have a couple of Dustified conversions done pretty soon.

  3. Very inspirational work, mate!
    Thanks for sharing and keeping up to date with the blog, so much good stuff here.