Friday, 5 August 2016

Zvergrad armoured battle

A great 400 pt Warfare game that Greig and I played a few months ago. We were testing the new paratroop dropping rules and trying out the King Tiger card. Greig's Para platoon were  basically all type 3 and brutal as hell.

            Table set up using my new Games and Gears tiles (only 2 years late).


                                       My 400 pt Armoured force 



                        Maus has a target


                     King Tiger with 128mm gun (suprisingly the same stats as a 88mm L71 in Warfare)

       Flaming Axis walkers, the start of of the rot which sees all the Axis armour in flames by games end

 Where are those paras coming from?


             Greig's British walker conversion using a 1/35 armoured car kit


     British paras start to take apart the Axis armour


                 You can see all the burning Axis armour




  1. Nice! I love the conversions and seeing all that Dustified armor. The King Tiger looks awesome with the Dust MG and such. :)

  2. Great table Scotty on this post and the last post. I have to find a way to get down to your place again for a game....not sure when but maybe once I finish working in PNG I might have some more time?

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