Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Zverograd Train table

Has been a few weeks since I last posted but I have been very busy making all sorts of Dust related stuff. The first project was a 8x6 foot gaming table built to represent the train station at Zverograd prior to being bombed and shattered by the Axis advance. I have used pictures of WWII and post war Soviet stations for inspiration and hope to use the table in other gaming systems such as Bolt Action and Chain of Command.
The table took a month to complete but there is work still to do on detailing and accompanying playing pieces such as the trains.

First up are some work in progress shots.


                             Basic design of platforms and railway line locations


            I couldn't decide how to represent the platform tiles so I decided to scribe them onto the MDF        using a sharp and very strong hobby blade. I took ages and tried my patience but the effort was worth it.

       Scribed tiles after a dark grey spray paint anf then several coats of a lighter gray applied with the airbrush.


       Platforms complete and tracks glued down, next ballast and ground cover.





                                     Table basically finished awaiting some small details.

            First game on the tanle and first game of Dust Battlefield which Terry and I enjoyed and then    discussed on episode 3 of our Dust Podcast 'Dingos in the Dust'.




                                           Trains need to be finished in the background



                                                     Gorillas in the Dust (good name for a movie)



                                                         Terry's nicely painted new KVs



                                SSU AA tower which I need to finish

                         Choppers of doom







                                                     Table overview









  1. Excellent work Scott. I am again inspired to create my own Zverograd game table. Thanks for the how-to, and all the great pics. My favorite blog!!

  2. Woah! That's a truly awesome table. It must be a real treat gaming on it.

  3. Thanks guys, I did enjoy making it and I look forward to more games on it.

  4. That is a very nice terrain. Very well done and I like you showing the different steps.

  5. Extraordinary modelling and painting. Wish I could afford to visit you down under and play a game with you on such fantastic scenery with those cool models

  6. Fantastic table, just gorgeous! Congrats. Quick question for you - where'd you get the trains? I'm especially interested in the diesel locomotives and the armored train cars. Thanks.

    1. Never mind - I see now they are customized F-unit diesels. Great work with the custom details!