Monday, 6 October 2014

Japanese versus SSU 400 point game

Terry and I had a great game of Dust Warfare todat which saw my newly painted and modified Japanese army romp to victory.

                    Japanese forces come ashore


                                       SSU rush forward to throw the invaders back into the sea

         SSU walker watches a Japanese monster appear from the sea


                      Japanese infantry disembark from a captured Allied landing craft


                       End of the first turn with SSU vehicles burning to the right of the photo

                                                  SSU KV walker graveyard

                     SSU did a lot better on their left flank but could not harm the type 7 walker

                  Flammluther on fire but it survived the battle

            SSU heavy walker succumbs to the heavy fire of the Japanese type 7 walker


                    Japanese View of the unfortunate SSU walker


                                 Battlefield view after 3 turns


                                  Turn 4 end

                   Japanese walker occupies one of the important terrain pieces


          I could not shoot the chopper down, it survived the game with one point of damage left


                            Table view at the end of turn 5



  1. Another great looking table Scott, great stuff

  2. Stunning table, looks like a great game was had too!

  3. Awesome use of a table and great idea for a army.