Saturday, 8 February 2014

Operation Babylon

Aaron and I played a 450 point a side game yesterday. I ran an Axis force consisting of a Panzer platoon of 4 walkers led by the Panzer Prince, Zombie platoon of 4 squad led by the Totenmeister and a small platoon of Laser Genadiers spearheaded by General Major Sigrid von Thaler. I also had 2 sniper squads and a artillery spotter team. Aaron ran lots of type 3 infantry and only one walker (a Cobra) which really negated the fielding of my 4 walkers.

Aaron is pretty new to figure gaming but he has really embraced Dust Warfare and he has collected a very large Allied force. The two of us are the only real Dust regulars with 3-4 others drifting in and out when they feel like a game. I hope that this will improve gradually at the club especially as we have another two gamers expressing interest and one hopefully starting a British themed force.

The game saw an Allied force crossing the Tigris river and assualting the town. We played the delayed deployment scenario and hold terrain. It was a very close game but I managed a win which is probably due to my Zombie platoon who seemed to soak up fire and just keep going.

Pictures of the game in progress, not all units are painted but Aaron is nearly there and his units have been done with my Zverograd terrain in mind so they look a little warm in Iraq.

Table ready to go. Playing area excluding the river was 8x4.

Panzer platoon deploys but my Wotan was on the extreme left flank. I need to do more terrain for my market square.

Wotan which actually did very little for once.

Major General Sigrid von Thaler with Laser Grenadiers.

Sniper deploys on the hill on the right to cover the open ground and hold the terrain. They however succumbed to some heavy 120mm mortar fire.

Lots of Zombies deply in front of the markey square.

Allied units deploy on the banks of the Tigris.

Very hit Allied troops advance towards  cover.

Boss squad.

Allied sniper team deploy in the Minaret providing an excellent vantage point covering most of the table.

Lots of type 3 infantry advance.

Phasers on the walls of the old fort.

Wotan in a spot of bother.

Cobra. I think I need more phasers when I pay Allies especially against SSU.

Ludwig and Zombies take down type 3 troops.

Zombies advance (and die again).

Zombies took out the Grim Reapers in a salvo of panzerfausts.

Zombie squad tried to take the Mosque but the Marine mortar team blew them away.

Burning Wotan.

Great game overall and a very close one. I managed to hold two of my objectives whilst Aaron only held one. Panzer platoons are difficult to field and need lots of help against infantry. I look forward to more Allied and Axis infantry in clothing suitable for the desert and Operation Babylon cannot come soon enough for me.


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