Friday, 7 February 2014

Brown water navy: Iraq mid 1947

I have started to make more and more terrain for my 'Operation Babylon' project. I loved the new figures displayed at GenCon last year and I am very excited that they will be released sometime this year (hoepfully soon). 

When I think of the campaign in Iraq in 1947 I envisage many battles along the banks and deltas of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. I therefore felt that the armies of all sides needed some waterborne support. The first of many water based vehicles that I have finished was a small Allied patrol boat that has been dustified with the addition of twin phasers and quad 50 calibre machine guns.

The model I based the kit on was the old Revell 1/48 Vietnam era river patrol boat. Here are some shots of the patrol boat reconing the Axis controlled bank prior to a full scale Allied attack.

Basic 1/48 model assembled and ready to paint and weather.

Phasers and quad 50 cal. sweep the Axis shore search of targets.

Should we moor and send a squad ashore?

Not in our orders lets turn around and get out of here.

On our way home, sure need a beer as this place is a killer. 

Recon done but did the patrol boat do its job? We will see.


  1. Beautiful work. Love your back story and models.

  2. Thanks mate, there is certainly lots of room for your imagination in the Dust universe.