Tuesday, 14 January 2014

South bridge Zverograd


I have always wanted to do a large bridge for use with my Dust Warfare stuff. I finally decided to model the South bridge at Zverograd shown in the right half of the evocative painting by Paolo Parente above.
The model can be used on my Zverograd table as well as a large bridge across the Tigris river for the forthcoming Babylon campaign.

I selected the fantastic MDF 15mm Arhnem bridge made by Gamecraft Miniatures in the US:  

My friend Mark Piper had already painted one of these for his 20mm Arnhem game and I just loved the look and affordability of the model itself. I bought a half of the bridge and two of the single approaches to use in my project. These three pieces alone measure 6 feet in length so I needed to add a 2 foot embankment section for the 4 x 8 table. I put these sections together very quickly with white glue and numerous clamps (essential), there is an online video on how to do this but it is pretty straight forward. Enough preamble here are the photos. 

December 1946:

The last SSU armoured train units pull back leaving the infantry led by Koshka and Nickolai to try and hold the harbour and the bridgehead against the pressing Axis forces.








              Heavy SSU infantry and armoured units defend the harbour edge and await the Axis assault.







                                 Helicopters fly in Red Guard and land on any available space.


                 Armoured units waiting in reserve, ready to counter any Axis feints.

 The Axis assault  is on its way.


  1. Fantastic terrain Scott I would have to say that it is an awesome looking table. Looking forward to our gaming over the Australia Day weekend .


  2. Thanks mate, we must certainly play Dust and a TYW game over the weekend.