Monday, 23 December 2013

The old and the new

An old SSU armoured train rolls through a sleepy Russian village on its way to the front in Zverograd. The train is supported by a new model SSU Drasine with a heavy calibre Gatling gun which checks and clears the vulnerable train lines. 

The armoured train is a resin and white metal kit from Brigade Games in the US. It is designed for the Russian Civil War (RCW) but I have added extra turrets to give it a Dustified look. The turrets and additional weapons can be removed so that I can use it in my RCW games. 

The kit is designed to run on some strange model train gauge that I could not find in Australia. I was lucky enough to find some very cheap O scale model trains with tracks and I have added the wheels to the undercarriage of the trains. This involved a lot of cutting and the addition of armoured skirts on the under side of all carriages. It is not exact for RCW but I am happy with the results and it is good enough for the gaming table.

        KV turret with 100mm gun.

Armoured locomotive. Lots of work involved in cutting out lots of resin underneath to fit the O scale wheels.

Scratch built gun carriage with the lovely 100mm gun and crew from a SSU gun tractor. The gun tractor is one of my favorite kits and I have 4 painted with the AT gun and 2 awaiting paint with the 220mm mortar.

Gun turret carriage with the addition of quad 12.7mm AA guns from a SSU walker. The gun in the turret is a 45mm automatic in Dust Warfare (like the KV walker). The AA guns can be removed and a plug is placed in the hole to cover it up (returns to a RCW train). 

Infantry carriage with a 45mm gun and automatic mortars from a KV walker. The mortars are removable as well. The carriage carries two squads of SSU troops and is also equipped with 4 12.7mm MGs.

Last infantry carriage and another gun turret carriage. The last carriage is equipped with a rounded KV turret with 100mm gun.

Below are some WIP progress shots.



  1. That train is looking fantastic. I like your idea of adding some dustified turrets.

  2. I had to add something to it as it looked too clean. Cheers Scott

  3. Wow Scott that is excellent work mate..the conversion is fantastic..Now you are the Master

  4. Thanks mate, what you painting at the moment? How are my Austrian Dragoons coming along?

  5. Not painting too much over the Christmas break...sorry. But your Dragoons are undercoated..hahaha

  6. Love your work, mate! This train is just beautiful. Hopefully I'll be able to make my own one day :)

  7. Thanks Christian, I look forward to seeing some more of your art set in the Dust World.

  8. Hmmmm ssu frogs. Nice work again Scott.