Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Completed Buildings for Dust Warfare

Here are a load of pictures of the terrain that I had done for my Sudan collection which I sadly sold to my friend Nathan. The buildings are MDF models from an Australian company who probably started all this precut MDF terrain madness. The models were bought painted from Andrew parr but I added walls and based them to go with my base boards. 

The pictures depict the first company deployment by SSU units into the villages surrounding the ancient ruins of Babylon. Why did they deploy here? Do they know something the Allied and Axis forces have yet to discover about the Ziggurates of Babylon?



Proof against the powerful Allied airforce.


Light AT support.




All armour forward, here come the Allies.



  1. Really nice. I have a bunch of these buildings; all but one are still in shrinkwrap. This has me contemplating putting the rest together and copying your upgrades... Very well done. I'm envious.

  2. Cheers mate, they need a bit of work to look good but they are large and robust gaming pieces. Most I have seen done are used as Ork buildings for 40K.

  3. Your afraid of those gun tractors Aaron.