Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Babylon Buildings under way

Have had these very nice buildings from the 'Miniature Building Authority' for several years and they have seen good service in my Sudan games but I wanted to make them useable for Dust. The end of the year or early 2014 will see Dust Tactics and Warfare move into Mesopotamia with release of 'Operation Babylon' and subsequent models, many of the NDAK models were displayed at GenCon. With all this in mind I have started to get my terrain under way. I have decided to base the buildings creating alley ways and enclosed living areas. The buildings have been based on MDF boards that are 30cm x 45 cm so that they can be stored in cheap Postal boxes. When finished I will add removalable details so that they can be used in 1880s Sudan, 1914-18, 1947, 2002-2009 Mesopotamia and with the addition of some corrugated iron Somalia. 

Will do some close ups of all angles when completed. They are by the way perfect for larger 28mm figures and the Dust figures fit in perfectly.


My favourite the Mosque and prayer tower which will not be based as it so large and can be used in several different ways.



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