Friday, 5 September 2014

Vassily Grossman and the SSU LRDG

                                      Vassily Grossman leds his first raid in Iraq 1947

                                     Small platoon of Spetsnaz troops carried in Gaz trucks

               Heavy support is provided by an automatic mortar based on a 3 axle Gaz truck


                         Vassily leads his 4 Gaz jeeps over the treacherous terrain

                    One of two BA64 armoured cars, this one carries two 12.7mm HMGs

                      The other BS64 carries only one 12.7mm HMG but there is room for more ammo


                          Automatic mortar ready to fire on the directions of Vassily over the radio

                  BA64s lead the attack against the sleepy Allied garrison

       Jeeps and armoured cars sweep past the jet aircraft destroying them with 12.7mm rounds




         Truck mounted infantry follow the BA64s and jeeps but there are no enemy left to fight