Saturday, 30 August 2014

SSU LRDG force

Just posting some photos of my SSU LRDG force that I have been working on whilst waiting for the belated Dust Babylon Kickstarter. The kits are all 1/48 ones from Tamiya except for the 3 axle truck with automatic mortar launcher which is a Unimodel model. I love the Tamiya models which are cheap and very easy to put together unlike the Unimodel ones. Vehicle clutter etc. are a mix of plastic and resin with the most usefull being two Black Dog LRDG resin kits, a little expensive but worth it. The figures are all Dust models with some resin heads with arab headress from a Polish company. The legs are Tamiya from the truck models with the upper torso of SSU models cut cleanly with my trusty Dremel with saw fitting. I need to weather and add battle damage and then they are done.


                                                     Two photos of the vehicles without any added decals 

                      Vehicles in line abreast after decals have been added but awaiting weathering andbattle  damage.



                        My favourite on the left, the heavy SSU truck with automatic mortar launcher. The        launcher tubes are extras from the airdropped KV walker based upon a cutdown 1/35 quad German 20mm Tamiya model.