Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Japanese for Dust

Just a short post to show six of the painted Japanese squads that I have converted for Dust. I have another nine squads to paint including three type 3 squads. Walkers and armour are nearly done and will be put up ASAP.

Dust Axis legs with Wargames Factory torso and Warlord Games arms, weapons and heads. 

Converted metal Samurai model with Warlord Games arms, weapons and heads.

Axis Laser troops with new heads.

Converted metal Samurai including a couple with Wargames Factory torso.

Japanese command squad based upon Axis legs.

Another Laser squad.


  1. Those really are rather superb conversions Scott! great job!

  2. Thanks mate, they were fun to create and only 9 more squads to paint.

  3. More lovely work Scottie!!

  4. Excellent work, beautiful details!

  5. I love these models. They could easily be shifted into Bushido samurai for Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection. You would have to arm them with only katanas.