Friday, 7 March 2014

Allied heavy armour for Babylon

Allied heavy armour deploys from the urban hell of Zverograd to the dry and burning sands of Mesopotamia. The heavy vehicles are Allied variants of the heavy walker and heavy tank destroyer.

Two conversions ready to paint. The turret and tracked chassis are from a 1/35 scale Super Pershing kit. The Dust kit only required some additional lengthening of the hull to ensure a good fit on the tracked chassis.

The twin 30 cal. turret is from a Tamiya 1/48 Crusader kit which are being converted into British APCs.


Heavy tank destroyer also carries 6 type 2 infntry in the rear of the fightingcompartment.


Allied squad deploys to clear the buildings and flush out any waiting AT infantry.



  1. Thanks mate, I enjoy making things as much as gaming.

  2. Fantastic stuf Scott. I was only wondering what you had been up too, as I has not seen many posts of late, just thought your day job was keeping you busy. The conversions and painting is first class, next time I am down we will have to play and Allied Army on the field instead of the old trusty Russians.



  3. Thanks Vin man will have a British and American themed army done by then for Babylon.

  4. More great conversions. Even though your source models are mixed scale, they really work in the Dust universe. But if you hear tiny voices swearing at you, it's the heavy tank destroyer crew trying to replace broken track links on those 'huge' wheels :)

  5. You got some more pics of the conversion in progress mate?
    I like both and it seems you only need one Punisher/Fireball for I right?
    I would like to do this conversion myself and would like to see how you made the passenger cabin in the tracked version as-well as how you attached the legs to the walker version.